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Carpathian Shepherd Dog

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog was selected from an endemic breed present in the Carpatho-Danubian area. For centuries the principle criteria for selection has been utilisation, this dog having conserved its character intact to the present day.

carpatin
Mioritic Shepherd Dog

The Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog was selected from a natural breed of the Carpathian mountains, the principle reason being utility. This breed has many fanciers in Romania because of its vigorous appearance.  

bucovina
Southeastern European Shepherd

The Shepherd Dog of Bucovina was selected from a natural breed of the Carpathian Mountains, in Bucovina, exactly in the North-East of Romania.

mioritic
Raven Shepherd Dog

The Romanian Corb Shepherd dog is a natural dog breed formed near the Meridional Carpathian Mountains, and the Subcarpathic regions (Dambovita, Arges, Prahova, Brasov).

corb